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“Researchers say the juice in a pickle jar is more effective at staving off crippling muscle cramps than water” –  Travis Blair; July 2017; Keep Hydrated during Summer Break

CBS Minnesota; August 2017; Bike Safety Tips

The Daily Telegraph – Aussie; June 2017; Penrith’s Josh Mansour turns to pickle juice to aid recovery

“It helps relieve muscle cramps and fatigue” – Natural News; March 2017; Why Pickle Juice is better than every sports drink on the market

“Matthew Wade was on 43 at the end of the 40th over and battling cramp when he called out to the boundary for the juice” – January 2017; Wide World of Sports; Pickle Juice to the rescue for Australia

“The first sports beverage on the market that disrupts the neurological signals that cause muscle cramps” – October 2017; Still Blonde After All These Years; Summer Fancy Food Show 2017

“A few minutes after gulping down our one and only 2.5 ounce bottle, we were sold.” – October 2017; Adventure Pro; The Power of Pickle Juice

“The Pickle Juice Company, LLC – a world leader and manufacturer of the only isotonic sports beverage proven to combat muscle cramps at the neurological source” – September 2017; Modern Life Network; The Pickle Juice Company, LLC

Muscle and Fitness; April 2017; 4 supplements to prevent muscle cramps

Pickle Juice contains approximately 10X the electrolytes of common sports drinks” – Fox New Mexico; January 2017; Feeling Fit

“The bottom line: pickle juice contains electrolytes, and the vinegar base helps aid in recovery” – The Dyrt; January 2017; The Great Pickle Take Over of 2017

“The study showed that those who downed pickle brine stopped complaining of cramping within 85 seconds, about 37 percent faster than the water” – July 2017; Live Naturally Magazine; Functional Drinks

“Suffering from Muscle Cramps? Pick Pickle Juice” – Africa Travel News; July 2017; Top 10 Food Trends Selling Fast

“The Pickle Juice Company’s 100 percent natural formula, which contains added electrolytes and vitamins, without any sugar, gluten, caffeine, or artificial color or flavor” – BevNet; March 2017; Pickle Juice Company Launches Boxed Packaging

Athletic Business; February 2017; Launches Boxed Packaging

The Pickle Juice Company, LLC has an ultra-high sodium content that helps replenish the key electrolyte eliminated by sweat” – My sage Gourmet; March 2017; Power of Pickle Juice

“I can’t even tell you how many of my friends are obsessed with drinking pickle juice” – Elite Daily; November 2017; Pickle Juice After A Workout Is A Thing, So Start Taking Shots

“Explains the benefits of drinking pickle juice” – Fox 21 News; November 2017; The Pickle Juice Company, LLC

“They are just tapping into the ‘neural inhibitor’ market, which did not exist” – Beverage Daily; October 2016; Pickle Juice Company creates new sport within sports drinks

“The Pickle Juice Company, LLC produces a product that harnesses the power of pickle brine but also supports elite athletes with other important nutrients” – Stack; September 2016; Why Pickle Juice

“We are seeing a rapid growth in the number of consumers using Pickle Juice as a natural alternative to traditional sports drinks” – Bicycle Retailers; November 2016; Pickle Juice Company Adds International Distributors

“This brings us to where pickle juice popularity all started: The Philadelphia Eagles opening game of the 2000 season against the Dallas Cowboys” – Medical Daily; January 2016; The Pickle Juice Workout

Nutra Ingredients; March 2016; The Pickle Juice Company, LLC elevates folk remedy for athletic recovery

“Don’t treat the symptom, treat the cause” – Forbes; August 2016; Endurance Athletes Turning To Pickle Juice to Fight Cramps

“A unique sports drink formula that replenishes electrolytes and relieves muscle cramps” – Slocyclist; August 2016; You Drank What!?

“The original pickle-brine-and-whiskey combo can be traced back to Texas” – Men’s Journal; February 2016; Why You Should Mix Pickle Juice With Your Whiskey

“The bottles are very bright and eye-catching, my children were immediately excited about this drink” – Mommy’s Review; June 2016; The Pickle Juice Company, LLC

“Dr. Kevin Miller, the lead author of the study, told the Times he thinks pickle brine helps cure cramps because it triggers a nerve reaction” – Trend Monitor; December 2014; Pickle Juice Sport Drink

“Pickle Juice Sport is an effective, all-natural recipe made with key ingredients that are scientifically proven to block the neurological signal” – Women’s Running; January 2016; Why Runners Should Drink Pickle Juice

“Overwhelmed the neuroreceptors and caused them to reset the neurological impulse that dictated the cramp” – Mercola; October 2016; Can Pickle Juice Prevent Muscle Cramps?

” Pickle juice is a good source of potassium and sodium, electrolytes that the body needs” – Living Out Loud – LA; October 2016; Pickle Juice Sport has Pickle Power

“Fifty percent of our population gets muscle cramps, with athletes, elderly, and outdoor workers being the most susceptible” – Nutritional Outlook; December 2015; Pickle Juice Makes a Splash in Functional Drinks

“Those who drank pickle juice felt relief within 85 seconds” – The Post Game; December 2011; Meet The New Sports Drink