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“its no wonder people are looking for more healthful, sports nutrition options.” – Vitamin Retailer – New Twists on Sports Nutrition – April 2016

“many athletes report that pickle juice works for them, and chronic crampers even drink it before as a preventative measure.” – Test Kitchen – Run Oregon – April 2016

“With key ingredients that are scientifically proven to block the neurological signal that triggers muscle cramps, the shot sets itself apart from other sports drinks on the market.” – Prepared Foods – 100% natural extra Strength Pickle Juice – April 2016

“It’s Packed with Electrolytes” – Competitor.com – All-Natural Fuel Alternatives – April 2016

“The Pickle Juice Company elevates folk remedy anecdote to athletic recovery drink” Nutra Ingredients USA – Pickle Juice – March 2016

“Pickle Juice has long been known as a hangover cure, but now it’s gaining traction as a way for athletes to stop muscle cramps.” Game Changer – Expo West New Innovations – March 2016

“It’s entirely possible that pickle juice is the solution to all your cycling woes” Bike Radar – Best New Bike Gear – Feb 2016

“Sports drinks go natural” Hospitality Times – What’s hitting the shelves – Feb 2016

“I used the 100% Natural Pickle Juice Sport product and swear by its benefits” Medical Daily – Treating Muscle Cramps with Pickle Juice – Jan 2016

“..if you’re prone to cramping, carrying a bottle with a bit of pickle juice may save the day.” Bicycling – Should you be drinking pickle juice while riding – Jan 2016

“Athletes swear by pickle juice’s scientifically proven benefits to exercise recovery.” DHerbs – did you know this about Pickle Juice – Jan 2016

“Move over coconut water, there’s a new beverage taking center stage: pickle juice.”Women’s Running – Why runners should drink pickle juice – Jan 2016

“your muscle cramps (and hangovers) are squelched way more quickly – so go out there and get it.” The Awesomer – Awesome Stuff – Jan 2016

“proven highly effective for the immediate relief of muscle cramping.”Grind TV – 5 oddly effective foods for the athlete’s cabinet – Jan 2016

“Things that work to relieve the cramps are light stretching, rest, water, and pickle juice.” Ralf Medema Blogspot – Does Pickle Juice Stop cycling leg cramps – Dec 15

“this may be the cramp buster you have been looking for.”MN bike Trail Navigator – Interbike 2015 Product revue – Oct 2015

“try Pickle Juice™. Not just any pickle juice, but Pickle Power Pickle Juice™”Bike Rumor – IB15 nutrition roundup – Sep 2015

“Believe it or not, pickle juice can relieve muscle cramps effectively and quickly.” Trainer Road – Pickle Juice to Stop Cramps – Sept 2014

“The pickle juice works so rapidly,..” Cycling Illustrated – Got Cramps? – Nov 2014

Men’s Journal – Why You Should Mix Pickle Juice With your Whiskey or Tequila – Feb 2016

Debbie Drinks Dallas – Pickle Juice Chaser Product Review – Feb 2016

Skylyfe – Here’s the final addition needed in your bar cart – Jan 2016

Married and Marathoning – Pickle Juice for Sore Legs – Apr 2014

Road Bike Action – Product revue – Aug 2015

Nutritional Outlook – Barley Water and Pickle Juice Make a Splash in Functional Drinks – Dec 2015

Texas Homes For Sale – A Magical formula for When you are in a Pickle – Jan 2016